Whether layered on your bed, draped on the arm of your sofa, all our throws and blankets might just be the easiest way to add a touch of warmth to your home. Hand woven and hand dyed by artisans in Mali, West Africa. Mud Cloth or Bogalan is one of the most distinctive textiles in West Africa.

Made from 100% organic cotton, the process of making this beautiful fabric is an art form which dates back generations. The textile is traditionally made using narrow strips of cotton, hand spun on looms which are then stitched together to make a whole cloth.

Cloths are first hand dyed in baths of boiled mashed leaves from the baobab tree and in some cases, tree bark is also added. After drying, a special mud, fermented for up to a year is used to design the intricate motifs on the fabric.The process and technique is entirely organic and environmentally friendly.