It's taken me years to get here! :) Finally after a long search in Gambia for cotton farmers to work with and source authentic Gambian grown cotton, I reached a milestone and was introduced to THE GAMBIA COTTON TRAIL, an initiative aimed at reviving the once thriving cotton industry in the Gambia.

My desire to be part of a more conscious and purposeful process of textile production has never shifted, so, joining forces with Gambia based childrenswear brand MIXED GRILL BANJUL was a no brainer! We wanted to create authentic products made from natural materials and with purpose coming out of The Gambia. 

With this collection we use the finest cotton, organically and ethically farmed in a small village in The Gambia. The cycle of production is transparent and where sustainability is intentional and the norm. From the farmers to the spinners to the weavers and dyers, we explore traditional hand weaving techniques and various environmentally friendly dying methods. What is also really important to us in our production cycle is using what is growing around us to dye the fabrics. Our process makes each finished fabric roll unique in colour adding a truly authentic luxurious finish to what is already a beautiful natural fabric. 

We have worked so hard on preserving the nature of the fabric and respecting our soil. We hope you love and appreciate this collection as much as we do!!

I have always wanted to grow and use Mango Peaches and Lime as a channel/tool to provide opportunities, power and economical freedom to people and communities I work with, and beyond. There are many opportunities given to us to give power to each other. With this project, I believe I have been given the opportunity to continue this work as another way of being of service.